Who We Are

The Pelham Fund was originally set up by David & Jimmy on the death of Olive Pelham. It was later renamed the Olive & Jimmy Pelham Fund.

Recently it has been renamed the Pelham Family Fund.


TheAi?? fund was set up to help children who are in need. This is very appropriate for David because he spent 33 years leading a Jewish summer camp, was a school governor for 15 years, loved volunteering in school, led 16 residential school journeys and was also Ai??treasurer and co-chair of both the GPA and FOB for 7 years.


In recent years the fund has raised money to buy toys for refugee children, furniture for families expert geometry assignment writing help with very little money, an adapted buggy for a child with cerebral palsy, communication aids for a hard of Ai??hearing child. It has helped to buy furniture for a school nurture room, it has helped set up a science garden for young children and has helped young scouts to fund raise to travel to an international jamboree.

Some Recent Donations


The Pelham Fund was able to assist a family with an 8 year old little girl with complex disabilities of epilepsy, autism (ASC), hyper mobility and learning disabilities which meant specialist equipment was needed for transporting the little girl…


The Pelham Fund was able to provide a large donation for vital equipment for a little boy. He needed a custom made ai???Blue wedge and abduction blockai??i?? The little boy needed this equipment to allow him time out of his wheelchair to…assignment assistance online


The Fund provided support for a 9 year old boy who had learning disabilities, ADHD and was partially deaf. He was waiting for a hearing aid. He managed to get in to a main stream school but due to his disabilities he was unfortunately 3 years behind…


The Fund also provided support for a 13 year old boy who suffered with Autism learning difficulties, sensory processing disorder, diet issues, speech and communication disorder, challenging behaviour and was non verbal. The communication aid…

Contact Us

If you wish to make a donation or send us a message, please fill in your contact details and a message and we willAi??endeavour to get back to you promptly.