The Pelham Fund was able to assist a family with an 8 year old little girl with complex disabilities of epilepsy, autism (ASC), hyper mobility and learning disabilities which meant specialist equipment was needed for transporting the little girl. The fund made a donation towards a specialist car seat that had been recommended for A?1592. The seat had seat extensions and enabled total security that the family was in need of to enable the little girl to travel safely and editmypaper prevent her from climbing out and creating potential danger for the driver whilst being transported.

The Pelham Fund was able to provide a large donation ukeassy for vital equipment for a little boy. He needed a custom made ai???Blue wedge and abduction blockai??i?? The little boy needed this equipment to allow him time out of his wheelchair to prevent pressure sores and to give him time in a different position, the only alternative at home was for someone to sit with him to hold him.Ai??Ai??The cost of the wedge was A?477.Ai??Ai??When the equipment was deliveredAi??the family were so pleased that the child could now spend time out of his specialist bed or wheel chair and spend time with his family.

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The Fund provided support for a 9 year old boy who had learning disabilities, ADHD and was partially deaf. He was waiting for a hearing aid. He managed to get in to a main stream school but due to his disabilities he was unfortunately 3 years behind. The communication aid provided him with extra tools and specialist apps (i.e. peck cards and sign language apps) to help him progress.

The Fund also provided support for a 13 year old boy who suffered with Autism learning difficulties, sensory processing disorder, diet issues, speech and communication disorder, challenging behaviour and was non verbal. The communication aid helped with speech and enabled him to communicateAi??which calmed his behaviour helped with his frustration.

The specialist communication aid can down load different apps to suit the individual child’s needs. Each Communication aid cost A?100 each

The Pelham Fund made a donation towards a specialist wheel chair for a 12 year old terminally ill girl. She Suffered with Leighs Encephalopathy, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy Kypho Scoliosis and Tracheostomy ventilated. The girl needed the specialised ai???Chuncai??? wheelchair because her shape changed frequently (due to her Scoliosis) her moulded chair was not adjustable. Her spinal curvature made standard seating difficult to maintain and it needed adjustment regularly and between adjustments she could not use her original chair. The new seating system is more easily adaptable and provided continued support to maintain herAi??well being. The ai???Chuncai??? wheelchair cost A?4245. The chair made a huge difference. The girlai??i??s mum commented that the chair was tweaked brilliantly and she really gained benefits. The family visited Paradise Wildlife Park and she managed a whole day out without a sore back.

The fund also supported a 2 year old boy who for the majority of his life had been in critical care in Hospital. He was hoping to be released from hospital but would still need to have 24/7 care, be fully vented and fed through a gastronomy. With his complex needs he would still have countless medical appointments and needed a specialist car seat to transport him to and from his appointments. The fund made a donation of A?300 towards this vital equipment.

The fund supported a single mother with 7 children.Ai?? She had fled domestic violence from her ex-husband and she also had a physical disability which limited her ability to walk far and caused her a lot of pain.Ai?? The family were living in overcrowded conditions in a small 3 bedroom house.Ai?? The children did not have their own beds.Ai??The family also needed help with carpeting one of the childrenai??i??s bedroom.Ai?? They only had basic hard tiled flooring and the floor gets very cold.The fund supported this family with a donation towards bunk beds.